Free Mother's Day Goodies Just in Time

Free Mother's Day Goodies Just in Time


Moms are awesome, can we all agree? We know that many of our amazing customers are also Moms. And we know that almost everyone has a Mom in their life who is giving it their all, everyday. Exceptional moms surround us everyday, and we're taking this entire weekend to celebrate you!

At both shops, on Saturday and Sunday you'll receive a sweet little gift from us with every purchase. Come on into the shops, pick up your perfect Mother's Day present, and go home with a small potted dill plant. These pots are fair trade, hand-painted and cooked in an earthen oven. They've travelled all the way from Swaziland and were lovingly potted by us to show our deep appreciation for the important work that is being a mom. 

To all the stellar moms out there, THANK YOU! You kick major butt! 



The Ladies of Workshop & Flock

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