It's time to think about Teachers' gifts!


All of the teachers I know and love are people who genuinely appreciate things that are handmade...after all, they have spent hours and hours over countless days and many years helping our kids learn to colour, paint and glue!

Those kids learned to paint, colour and glue and now they are some of Canada's most lovely and fun crafters! Nicely done, teachers. (-:

So, why not complete the circle and pop down to Workshop or Flock and check out some of our creative, handmade and totally teacher-approved gift ideas?

Shown Above: Lili Pop Cupcake Brooch (made of upcycled plastic signs) $15; Lili Pop Periodic Table of Elements Earrings (made of upcycled plastic signs too) $10; Purple Urchin locally made Kindling Candle $10; Ada-Jito Simple Studs $12; Caroline Villamarin Giant Paperclip Book Markers (teachers read a lot of books) $10. 

So forget the boxes of chocolates and Chapters' gift cards! Get your teachers something locally made and super cute this holiday season and the ladies of Workshop and Flock will give you an A+. (-:


The Ladies of Workshop & Flock

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